What is the Journeyman Life?

The Journeyman process is a transformative learning journey designed for men to improve and develop their lives.

Journeyman is a transformative learning journey that guides you through deep, practical, and precise process to improve your life as a man in the modern world. The process is designed for men who want to improve the quality of their life and relationships, develop oneself professionally, or accelerate meaningful change through the struggles of day-to-day life.

This is an important time for men to pursue this journey work. Our families, communities, societies, religions, nations, and our earth are struggling. Ego, power, abusive behaviors, greed, war, money, and short-sighted quick fixes prevail in decision-making, strategy, and values. Emerging is the effectiveness, compassion, and balanced perspective of the feminine mindset.

One of the longest-running longitudinal studies in history conducted by Harvard psychologists and researchers has revealed that 70% of the adult male population is operating from an active-ego driven mindset that has yielded ineffective life leadership, family parenting, relationship health, and leadership in our communities, organizations, businesses, and government.

Harvard Grant Study

A blend of the modern masculine model and feminine perspective is needed. We need a new map to traverse the masculine psyche. Journeyman is such a map! As the notable biologist, Joseph Campbell, referred to it, this map is “the inner reaches of outer space.”

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