New Review: Kirkus says “Perceptive and wise self-improvement advice.”

Kirkus Book Review of The Journeyman Life

“Journeyman, a quaint, somewhat archaic word, takes on new meaning in Daloisio’s expansive exploration of the literal journey of a man in the modern world. The author takes a deep dive into his own life; he exposes his feelings and frailties with a genuine candor that is likely intended to get other men to unapologetically admit their vulnerabilities. Daloisio weaves his personal story into chapters that are heavy on psychology but instructive rather than clinical.”

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New Review: Booklife by Publishers Weekly Review of The Journeyman Life Review of The Journeyman Life

Positive reviews of The Journeyman Life are rolling in!

“Psychologist Daloisio has astutely blended his professional knowledge as a practicing psychologist and his personal life experiences to create this self-help guide for men looking to make the first steps toward change, such as better connecting with a significant other, being a better friend, becoming more open and less guarded, and more. With a warm, open, and can-do demeanor, The Journeyman Life balances the practical and the thought-provoking, arguing that it’s possible to defuse anger, frustration, and other negative emotions, and always writing with an attentive eye to the ever-shifting cultural assumptions and standards that men face. Daloisio knows the impact of change, saying, “Our quest for the evolution of our own life is at stake, but in truth, the stakes are much higher than that.” For readers committed to bettering themselves, Daloisio’s stand-out guide offers a simple, inviting place to start.”

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Tony’s Prayer

In The Journeyman Life, I talk about the benefits of a mindfulness practice on self-awareness and intention. An important part of this daily practice includes mediation and intention setting! The following is an intention prayer that I focus on daily in that time that I take for myself, to recenter, recharge, and be available to connect with the day ahead of me.

“May I be full of loving kindness, may I be well, may I be peaceful and at ease, may I be happy.

I commit myself to the will of God, I give my heart and soul to God, I deserve the best in life, I serve the highest cause in life, I am a divine manifestation of God’s will.

In my mind, heart, and soul, I am filled with a belief and hope in the unlimited potential of myself and all other people.

I am having a positive influence in the world, one thought, one action, one person at a time, by deeply knowing and reflecting God’s infinite love and light always.

Dear Lord God of the Universe, Divine Mother, Christ, Krishna, Babaji, Lao Tsu, Yogananda, Saint Anthony, Dad, brothers John and Joseph, and all the great Saints, I bow at the alter of thy devotion, please bring your light, love and positive energy.”

monk meditating
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