Podcast: Fabulous After Fifty – Understanding the Modern Man’s Journey

Tony joined Julie Kennedy on her podcast Fabulous After Fifty to discuss the Journey of the Modern Man.

“I believe our world would be a lot more harmonious if men and women understood each other better, so let’s listen, for our boyfriends and husbands, our fathers and sons, our nephews and grandsons and better understand men’s journey too in order to establish a more harmonious world. It certainly broadened my horizon!” – Julie Kennedy

Listen here, or on your favorite podcast player.

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Podcast: Talking About The New Masculine with Travis Stock

Tony joins The New Masculine Podcast and host, Travis Stock, to discuss The Journeyman Life, attachment wounds, and reaching the doorstep of change.

On this episode, Travis talks with organizational psychologist, researcher, coach, and expert in leadership development, Tony Daloisio, Ph.D. And while his professional credits are important, Tony brings with him a deep level of vulnerability as he shares his story of childhood trauma and his path toward healing those early attachment wounds. He offers that story as the foundation of his new book, The Journeyman Life: The Not So Perfect Path to a Life Well Lived. In the book, he invites men to the doorstep of change and offers a path through to a better relationship with self and others. Topics discussed include: Attachment patterns – relational imprints and blueprints from childhood, highly sensitive men, anger, emotional acuity, getting ahead of our activation, meditation, and adult stages of development.

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From Psychology Today – 5 Actions to Optimize Your Mental Wellness

On occasion, I will be posting thought related to our Journeys to find a life well lived on Psychology Today.

Our stories, and the challenges we experience in our lives, seem so unique to us, yet in reality, these challenges and the resultant “pings” on our mental wellness can have both short-term and longer-lasting impacts. No matter what our station in life or the stage of our journey, there are five important “lands” that we can visit to ensure that our journey to mental wellness is both effective and lasting.

1. The Land of Stories

Start with a meaningful scan of your inner and outer life. Ask and answer the question, “How am I really showing up?” in both your relational world with others and your inner world of emotions and self-talk. What are the microscopic truths of your life, the impacts on others, and the perceived obstacles you continually encounter? Most importantly, how do you discover these traps and identify them as such? One way is to ask some folks you trust for their feedback and explore this with them.

One of the tools that I use with my clients is to ask them to write three stories about themselves. The first is called the “persona story.” This story describes how you hope to be perceived in the outer world. This story would answer the questions “Who are you?” and “Do you do what’s important to you?” The interesting thing about these questions is that the answers emanate from your ego. This may not be an accurate representation of who you show up as, but it is what you hope to be putting out into the world.

The second story is called “the inner story.” The inner story is the self-talk that exists in the private chambers of your mind about who you are and the life you lead. The third story is “the story of possibility.” This story represents your vision, your values, and the hopes and dreams you have for your life. It is, in a sense, the resolution of the first two stories.

2. The Land of Questions

The second land that we can visit in our journey to improved wellness answers some all-important questions: “Why would I want to improve my wellness?”; “How do I want to show up in the world?”; “What are some goals that I have for myself?”; and “What’s at stake for myself in making these changes?” These questions parrot an important relationship between the first land and the second land. It lies in the intersection of the two that we can hold our vision of the life that we hope for and intersect it with the reality of what our current life looks like. The gap between the two becomes an important propellant for change. If that propellant is strong enough, has enough of a sense of urgency to it, and you can create enough focus, then the opportunity exists that you can actually make the changes you hope for in service of your wellness.

3. The Land of Origins

The third land represents the origins of the repeating patterns of behavior that have an impact on our wellness. When we can look deeply at our core beliefs or the recurring triggers of negative behaviors in our life and the core causality of those factors, we can begin to change ourselves from the inside out. Examining the root cause of ongoing challenging behavior patterns allows us to create change in ourselves that is lasting and meaningful for our wellness.

4. The Land of Learning

The fourth dimension in our journey to optimize our wellness is that of identifying and considering skill upgrades in our life. We can’t expect to change or become better if we continue the same behaviors or mindsets that got us where we are now.

Learning new skills sets the table for behavior change in a positive manner. There are inner skills that we can acquire, like self-reflection through journaling, and there are outer skills that we can develop, like better listening. Identification and development of new skills to support our overall wellness is critical to its optimization.

5. The Land of Lasting Change

The fifth area we will visit is called “Land and Expand.” Here, we attempt the most difficult move of all in the optimization game: “sticking the landing!” Sticking with and finally achieving our goals is the most difficult of all accomplishments in the wellness arena.

How do we stick our landings? There are several things that research shows us need to be present. The first and most important is a sense of urgency about changing. Along with urgency, we need a strict focus, that is, knowing exactly what is needed. Lastly, all of the positive change we bring to our wellness is for nothing if we cannot measure success, get feedback on our progress, and celebrate our wins.

The last action that you can take, which is often overlooked, is to teach others what you are learning. I call this the “T3 Model,” where you are the learner while someone teaches you, and then you, in turn, teach someone else, giving them the benefits of your newly acquired skills. This approach goes a long way to solidify your commitment to the value of the change and your steadfastness to stay with your plan and goals.

In conclusion, having a process like the Five Lands to visit on your journey to optimal mental wellness is critical to your ultimate success, and your travels to those lands can be exciting and rewarding. The prize is expanded mental wellness and all of the gifts that accompany this awesome state of mind.

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Podcast: Bringing Yourself to the Doorstep of Change with the Culture by Design Podcast

Tony recently joined Tim Clark of Leader Factor to talk about personal and professional change.

About This Episode (from Culture by Design)
Why is change so difficult to maintain? How can exploring beyond quantitative data improve problem solving? This week Tony Daloisio, author of The Journeyman Life, joins Timothy R. Clark to discuss the recipe for lasting change and the possibilities of influence and intuition in leadership and business thinking. Here are some gems from the episode:

Bringing Yourself to the Doorstep of Change (11:28)
We only have two choices: will we change or will we change our belief about needing to change? Change requires conscious internal awareness and a willingness to reach the precipice of decision with the determination to do things differently.

The Two Parts of a Rocket: Overcoming Gravity and Sustaining Change (16:57)
People are like rockets. Most spend their time trying to muster up enough determination to bust through gravity, which requires a sense of urgency and focus that is created through crucible experiences. While urgency is a catalyst, it is seldom a sustainer. Sustaining change isn’t as “sexy” as sowing the seeds of change, but a cadence of accountability and outside support will help us maintain momentum.

A Leader Has Scalable Influence (24:43)
Until a leader changes, nothing else can change. We cannot lead other people at a higher level than we are leading ourselves. Each of us, whether part of a team or not, has a brilliance side and a shadow side. Ignorance of this shadow side will cause our business culture to mirror our shadows instead of our brilliance.

An Intuitive Approach to Possibility (33:11)
There is a difference between advocacy decision making and inquiry decision making. Do we engage in problem solving with a determination to prove the validity of our preconceived notions? Or do we engage in exploration of the problem, relying on the contributions of others? Are we willing to hold our opinions lightly?

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Podcast: Listen to Tony Daloisio reveal the not-so-perfect path to a life well lived on The Dave Pamah Show

Tony Daloisio joined noted podcaster Dave Pamah on The Dave Pamah Show to share his journey and visit some of the key foundational principles of The Journeyman Life; the Not-So-Perfect Path to a Life Well Lived.

Or listen on your favorite podcasting platform at one the episode links on The Dave Pamah Show’s website.

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Podcast: Tony Daloisio joins the ContenderCast to talk about The Journeyman Life

Listen to The Journeyman Life founder and author, Tony Daloisio, discuss The Journeyman Life with Justin Honaman of the ContenderCast podcast.

In the words of Tony Daloisio, “This book is about you, the man you have become and the man you hope to become! It is about assessing your life, with your vision of a life-well-lived as the standard, the setting of aspirational goals in the movement toward that vision and charting a path to achieve that vision.” Tony joins Justin – for his second visit on the ContenderCast – to discuss his new book!

For more about The Journeyman Life; The Not-So-Perfect Path to a Life Well Lived, read this post from the author, Tony Daloisio. To buy the book visit Amazon.com; BUY NOW!

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The Logic of Life Thread

How does one navigate the Journeyman Life process?

  1. We seek or want happiness, joy, fulfillment, love, peace, and success (Happiness Quotient or HQ) in our lives in one shape or another.
  2. We are all on a journey with curves to that end.
  3. While it seems like the majority of HQ is external, outside one’s self, it is actually relational and behavioral outcome-oriented.
  4. The reality is that like an iceberg, 70% of our HQ is determined by internal dynamics.
ice formation

Only 30% of the iceberg is visual, above the water.
  1. The internal dynamic trumps the external and even trick us into seeing things not as they are but as we are. What we see, changes what we do, which impacts what we get. The actions to how we interpret our surroundings based on our own internal logic determine the results that follow.
  2. It becomes highly unlikely that any quantity of external success will satisfy the inner saboteurs, so we find ourselves in a never-ending loop.
  3. In order to break the pattern, we need to look deeply inside ourselves to understand the forces at play.
  4. The Seven Dimensions model helps us understand the areas or forces at play in one’s life above and below the “water line” of life. The Journeyman Diagnostic Check will help you identify gaps and goals in this less known area below the waterline.
  5. The Five Stages of Transformation helps you navigate the transformation journey.

    The five stages are:
        1. Outer Reality
         2. Inner Reality
         3. Chart Course
         4. Realize
         5. Beyond

  6. The Journeyman Guide Book will take you through a step by step process to move through the five steps and transform your HQ and results on the journey.
  7. The Journeyman Life offers support, guidance, and coaching through this process including Mens’ Journey Groups and 1:1 coaching.
  8. Moving yourself through this journey allows you to support and lead others moving through the journey. Become a life-long learner and a part of the dynamic network of growth-oriented men changing the face of the masculine role in our society.
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What is the Journeyman Life?

The Journeyman process is a transformative learning journey designed for men to improve and develop their lives.

Journeyman is a transformative learning journey that guides you through deep, practical, and precise process to improve your life as a man in the modern world. The process is designed for men who want to improve the quality of their life and relationships, develop oneself professionally, or accelerate meaningful change through the struggles of day-to-day life.

This is an important time for men to pursue this journey work. Our families, communities, societies, religions, nations, and our earth are struggling. Ego, power, abusive behaviors, greed, war, money, and short-sighted quick fixes prevail in decision-making, strategy, and values. Emerging is the effectiveness, compassion, and balanced perspective of the feminine mindset.

One of the longest-running longitudinal studies in history conducted by Harvard psychologists and researchers has revealed that 70% of the adult male population is operating from an active-ego driven mindset that has yielded ineffective life leadership, family parenting, relationship health, and leadership in our communities, organizations, businesses, and government.

Harvard Grant Study

A blend of the modern masculine model and feminine perspective is needed. We need a new map to traverse the masculine psyche. Journeyman is such a map! As the notable biologist, Joseph Campbell, referred to it, this map is “the inner reaches of outer space.”

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