Podcast: Talking About The New Masculine with Travis Stock

Tony joins The New Masculine Podcast and host, Travis Stock, to discuss The Journeyman Life, attachment wounds, and reaching the doorstep of change.

On this episode, Travis talks with organizational psychologist, researcher, coach, and expert in leadership development, Tony Daloisio, Ph.D. And while his professional credits are important, Tony brings with him a deep level of vulnerability as he shares his story of childhood trauma and his path toward healing those early attachment wounds. He offers that story as the foundation of his new book, The Journeyman Life: The Not So Perfect Path to a Life Well Lived. In the book, he invites men to the doorstep of change and offers a path through to a better relationship with self and others. Topics discussed include: Attachment patterns – relational imprints and blueprints from childhood, highly sensitive men, anger, emotional acuity, getting ahead of our activation, meditation, and adult stages of development.

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