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I am always overwhelmed with the response to The Journeyman Life and love to hear how the story of my journey is influencing your journeys. Here is a recent review of The Journeyman Life from

Self-Discovery & Deep Introspection Toward a Life Well Lived:
A thought-provoking and actionable book that delves into the profound connection between one’s inner and outer selves. With insightful guidance and practical exercises, it empowers readers to uncover and identify the gaps that often exist between our authentic self and the persona we project. Daloisio masterfully combines his own personal experiences with research-backed theories, creating a relatable narrative that resonates with readers from various backgrounds. This book is a must-read for anyone seeking to bridge the divide and unlock their true potential toward pursuing a more meaningful and purposeful life.

Matthew Muszala
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New Review: 5 out of 5 Stars on Goodreads

It’s always gratifying as an author to see your content resonating with, connecting with, and creating positive change for their readers. The Journeyman Life is more than just my story, or a theoretical perspective on how to change your mindset; it is a map and a guide that attempts to demystify the underlying method of behavior change, illustrated with personal examples, and broken down into tactical steps that feel achievable and impactful.

If you are looking for some assistance and inspiration on your Journey, you can start with The Journeyman Life book, available at Amazon, or explore joining an upcoming Journeyman Life Mens’ Group facilitated by me to explore the Journey we all travel together with a group of likeminded individuals.

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New Review: Booklife by Publishers Weekly Review of The Journeyman Life Review of The Journeyman Life

Positive reviews of The Journeyman Life are rolling in!

“Psychologist Daloisio has astutely blended his professional knowledge as a practicing psychologist and his personal life experiences to create this self-help guide for men looking to make the first steps toward change, such as better connecting with a significant other, being a better friend, becoming more open and less guarded, and more. With a warm, open, and can-do demeanor, The Journeyman Life balances the practical and the thought-provoking, arguing that it’s possible to defuse anger, frustration, and other negative emotions, and always writing with an attentive eye to the ever-shifting cultural assumptions and standards that men face. Daloisio knows the impact of change, saying, “Our quest for the evolution of our own life is at stake, but in truth, the stakes are much higher than that.” For readers committed to bettering themselves, Daloisio’s stand-out guide offers a simple, inviting place to start.”

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